Logistics Consultancy Services In India

Logistics Consultancy Services In India

AFM Logistics Pvt. Ltd. provides you best in class transportation and logistics consulting services that ensure companies significantly increase their competitive position in the industry. We are set up in the field of logistics consulting companies for many years offering you various consulting services based on your specifications which aims at improving the performance of the different logistics

functions of your company, increasing operational efficiencies, lessen environmental impact, improve profitability, reducing overall costs and satisfying customer requirements.

Overview of logistics consulting and support at AFM logistics includes:-

Our Logistics Consultants Sharpen Your Competitive Edge:-

Our logistics consultancy services provide you the best supply chain advisory services that support you in the planning and optimization of your company’s logistics and processes. We help you to find the right concepts for your company which is centered to drive your business growth. 

We are among the top logistics consultants in India with decades of operational logistics experience in the market is at your side the whole way – from the idea generation through to implementation of the potential solution. Our skilled and professional employees are the central actors in the advice we provide on procurement logistics, production logistics, warehouse logistics, and distribution logistics.

Strategic Supply Chain Planning

We deliver all-inclusive holistic planning and optimization which aims optimising your inbound logistics, improve all parts of the value-added chain, and develops a joint strategy for your entrepreneurial future.

Lower Transport Costs

Reduce your transport expenses by taking advantage of our meticulous planning process, our highly competitive tenders, and our optimized contract awarding system. We also advise you on whether or not it’s worth inviting new bids for your transport operations.

Optimised Warehouse And Dispatch Routines

We improve and well-organized typical warehouse routines like order processing, goods receipt, invoicing, packing, and order picking. We assist you in finding the suppliers who are the best fit for your shipping needs.

The Right Logistics Technology

Modern transport and logistics services require the latest technologies. We provide you with solutions, that is matching the automation strategy for your intra-logistics and we make sure that you find the right software for your management activities because we are familiar with the solutions from our own experience.

Our Logistics Experts

Our Supply Chain Consultants have worked in the logistics sector for many years and are experts having a depth understanding of procurement, warehousing, stores management, transportation and shipping, inventory planning, and contract management.

Our experts work with you to optimize your logistics processes and are well versed in a wide range of logistics challenges for all sectors. We have extensive knowledge starting from the complete supply chain down to each and every piece of equipment. Our experts are focused on analyzing the entire logistic chain, including operational excellence (equipment usage, adding value, reducing operating costs) and financial aspects.

Distributions Requirement Planning

Our Freight Forwarding Consultants In Delhi are engaged in offering a wide collection of warehouse management services such as how many warehouses should there be and where should they be located based on demands for seamless logistics services.

Statutory Documentation Support

Our reliable supply chain consultants help you to manage permits, manifests, state and commodity-specific clearances, document templates.

After Market Distribution Design

We assist you in identifying and reaching out to the right distributors and retailers with the right part at the right time.

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