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FTWZ An overview

Free Trade Warehousing Zone is an international concept formulated to promote global trade practices and enhance trade volumes and relationships between nations

The same concept has been just introduced in india with the same intention offering liberal benefits and convenience to its international trade economy

It also empowers to re-export goods from india without the burden of indian duties and taxes that are otherwise levied on your goods not only in parts and proportions but with also value additions (such as repacking, relabelling, Kitting, palletisation, assembly)to your material

It allows you to import, export to and from India with benefits of duty de ferment tax benefits, cost efficiency and better distribution channels

Unique Benefits

Duty/GST Deferments -Reduced buffer stocks - Delivery Time

Duty Deferments benefits (freeing up working capital & increasing sales)

VAS Services such as repacking, relabelling, kitting, assembly etc.

Foreign exchange transaction capability

Increasing supply chain efficiencies (forward & reverse) while enhancing capital cash flow

Exemption from custom and stamp duty on products imported into FTWZ; meant for re-export out of india, and many more benefits


FTWZ enables indian traders to transact with GST exemption and at increased efficiency through its value added services- offering better distribution channels, deffered duty / taxes payments , and lowered costs

Who benefits with FTWZ

All indian importer having IEC & GST numbers, traders and consolidators of indian goods of export purpose.

International Traders who want to keep seller's and buyer's info confidential

Looking to import cargo for Display/ Demonstration/Exhibition

Airlines Company that wants to keep their valueable spare parts for long time without any obligation

International Automobile company that wants to keep their spare & parts

Bulk Importers of Medicine, Medical, Equipment's, Polymers, Chemicals, Machinery, Spares, Fabrics, Lining, Fusible Interlining, Hangers, White goods, Electronic & Electric products, Packaged food items, cosmetic items.

Exemption from custom and stamp duty on products imported into FTWZ; meant for re-export out of India

Foreign Suppliers who doesn't have any entity in India but wanted to set up ware - house for Indian Overseas markets.

Storage Type

Pallet Rack System (D1000 * W1200 * H1200)

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Block Storage (D1000 * W1200 * H1200)

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Dedicated Space for Warehousing,Showcasing etc.

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For overdimensional loose cargo

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For cold storage & temperature control

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CBW V/S FTWZ: A Comparison


  • Requirement of Import Export Code
  • Requirement of GST number
  • Interest on Applicable Duty
  • Prior NOC
  • Payment Of Duty
  • Storage Period

Customs Bonded Warehouse

  • Mandatory
  • Mandatory
  • 15% (P.A) applicable after 90 days on Duty
  • Mandatory relevant Participating Agencies
  • Duties are due prior to release from bonded warehouse
  • Maximum upto 1 year (only after payment of interests)

Free Trade Warehousing Zone

  • Not required
  • Not required
  • Not Applicable upto 3 years
  • Not Required
  • Payment of duty are only of DTA Clearance
  • 3 Years (extendable upto 5 Years)

AFM Free Trade Warehousing

Infrastructural Highlights

  • Fully Automated warehouse management software (WMS)
  • Online order creation offering convenience for international clients to place orders at all times eliminating time zone differences and as per specialized requirements such as Lifo, Fifo , Expiry date etc.
  • Modern racking systems as per international standards
  • Three Tier security system
  • Client dashboard (insights of shipments and stored materials with stock & monthly reporting system)
  • High definition cameras (24*7 Surveillance)
  • Dust & Fire-resistant storage facility
  • High end cranes & material handling equipment
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage
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